Editing Services

I have a preference for Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Dystopian, Children's Literature, Young Adult, Plays, Screenplays, and Scripts.

I am a great lover of literature and reading in general. I love a good story and appreciate delightfully original and fun characters. My pleasure in editing comes mostly from wishing to bring the best form of your story to life and I will always edit with that goal in mind.

I am currently a script intern for a film company in addition to completing an M.A. in Theater so I understand the ins and outs of plays, scripts, and screenplays. As such, my line of work often requires me to read novels and look for its potential in adaptation to a different medium, as such I have developed a knack for seeing the hidden potential in stories and characters that can be teased out. Also in earning the M.A. in Theater I have studied a wide variety of theorists on the basis of storytelling and can apply a strict literary analysis due to several reference books and literary theory essay, most predominately Canadian theorist Northrop Frye.

I will read what you send me multiple times, no less than three, each time looking at the work from a different perspective, and as such my turnover rate can be slower but at the same time quite in depth.

I am quite willing to provide a free sample of my services for you to compare with other editors, and am willing to read and edit 5 - 7 pages depending upon the length of the commission. I ask that you send me an editable text or word document that uses one inch margins, double spacing, twelve point font, and either Times New Roman or Courier font. Please do not send me a pdf file if you wish for me to it mark up.

At this time I am currently offering two types of editing:

Proofreading: 0.004 cents a word
Developmental Editing: Send a free sample for an estimate

Rates are subject to adjustment depending on the amount of work required.

In addition I will include a retrospective review free of charge in addition to the editing. It will speak to you about my general thoughts on the work, its potential, some suggestions I had that were too verbose to include as a comment in the editable document, and other important details.

You can contact me for my services using the following email form below.

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